Talks between government and banned TLP successful, Mufti Muneeb

Tehreek-e-Laddaik Pakistan

Talks between the government and the banned Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan have finally reached a positive conclusion. Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman revealed on Sunday that the government's negotiating team and the TLP's central council had reached an agreement.

  • "The agreement was reached after overcoming aggression.
  • It is not a victory or defeat for anyone. It is a victory for Pakistan, Islam, patriotism and the security of the nation."
  • Rehman assured that the talks took place without any force, pressure or coercion.
  • They were held in a serious, responsible and open environment in which both parties cooperated equally.

The deal, which will be released "at the right time", was backed by Saad Rizvi. "As the English saying goes; actions speak louder than words; next week, you will see the positive results of the agreement," Rehman said, adding that a steering committee was set up to oversee implementation. Is.

The committee includes Punjab Law Minister and Home Secretary.

Rehman pointed out, "This is not an agreement that is made in the morning and then withdrawn later."

Earlier in the day, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said: "Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and other leaders will give all the details at a press conference at 11:15 am."

PM’s key offer

The development came as Prime Minister Imran Khan made an Important offer to TLP leaders during a meeting with clerics on Saturday, asking for their help in easing tensions between the two groups.

He said his government would not oppose the release of TLP chief Saad Rizvi if the courts ruled, but would not issue an executive order. The Prime Minister further said that the concession was linked to ending the long march of TLP workers. He allowed the scholars to meet Saad Rizvi.

After meeting the scholars, a new negotiating team was formed. It is headed by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and consists of National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser and MNA Ali Muhammad Khan.

Therefore, Saad Rizvi and three senior members of the TLP Central Committee, Maulana Shafiq Amini, Engineer Hafeez Ullah and Pir Inayat-ul-Haq were brought from Lahore to Islamabad for direct talks.

Protesters waiting in Wazirabad 

Meanwhile, thousands of TLP supporters are standing near GT Road in Wazirabad awaiting orders from their leaders. They have been told to wait until talks with the government are completed.

The marchers entered Gujranwala on Friday, where Rangers drew a red line preventing them from crossing. Banner is 500 meters from Chenab Toll Plaza.

According to DAWN, a banner erected by the security forces reads: "Beyond this line, the responsibility for law and order rests with the Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), which has been given the authority to shoot at miscreants." That's why everyone is strongly warned to return to their homes. "

Mobile phone and internet service has been shut down in Gujranwala. Earlier in the day, Pakistan Railways had announced that two trains from Karachi to Rawalpindi, Tezgam Express and Pakistan Express, have been suspended on both domestic and international routes. 

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