Ayesha Akram had the opportunity to escape, but She Chose "Not" and stayed there

According to the Source, Ayesha had the opportunity to escape the scene once the crowd started harassing her, but she chose "not" to and stayed there. 

The controversial incident in Minar e Pakistan that sparked national outrage and the widespread public debate over the spread of sexual violence and harassment in Pakistan has taken a new turn as new details emerge. According to sources, the meet-up event was planned by the victim Ayesha Akram herself along with her team of tikTokers to collaborate with other tikTokers to increase the audience; tiktok is a common practice in the community.

Meanwhile, Ayesha Akram's Instagram posts never hinted that she is going through shock after what happened in Minar Pakistan, celebrating August 15 as if nothing had happened the day before. Was After his video went viral on social media in Minar Pakistan, he realized that the matter was trending and decided to seek help from the police as well as the media. Iqrar al-Hassan and Yasir Shami interviewed him and soon the mainstream media jumped the bandwidth.

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